Terry Williams
A Case for Clemency
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Click here to read the press release of June 17, 2015 about how Governor Wolf's temporary reprieve for Mr. Williams is entirely consistent with Pennsylvania governors' use of the reprieve power for the last 300 years.

Click here to read a statement from Terry Williams attorneys on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision to uphold Governor Wolf's temporary reprieve for Mr. Williams.

Click here to see long-hidden evidence that prosecutors knew Amos Norwood had a history of  sexually molesting kids.

Click here to read attorney Billy Nolas' closing argument
in the hearing at the Court of Common Pleas, September 25, 2012

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Click here to read the press release of September 13th, 2012 about the support of political and human rights organizations.

​Click here to read the press release of September 6th, 2012 about the unprecedented outpouring of support in PA for clemency for Terry. 

Click here to see the people who have stated their support for clemency for Terry, including the victim's widow, jurors from Terry's trial, members of the community, and political and human rights organizations.

Terry at age 17.
Source: Germantown High School
Current photo of Terry. 
Source: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
Terry at age 17. 
Source: Germantown High School
Suppressed for 28 years and only revealed 
to defense attorneys for the first time at a 2012 hearing in the Court of Common Pleas, these documents prove that Reverend Charles Poindexter told police in 1984 that he had already received a complaint from a parent that Amos Norwood attempted to sexually abuse her child. Trial prosecutor Andrea Foulkes' handwritten notes on Norwood say "son in play" and "touched on privates." 

Read the long-suppressed Poindexter statement and Foulkes' notes on the left, and then see what prosecutors presented at Terry's capital trial on the right, where jurors never heard anything about Amos Norwood's history of sexual relationships with young boys like Terry Williams.

Please click on the pages below to view the entire documents. 
What the Jury Didn't Know
What the Jury Heard
Click below to read the transcripts from the September 2012 
Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas hearing. This three-day evidentiary hearing revealed evidence suppressed from Terry Williams' attorneys for 28 years. The transcript of Monday, September 20th includes the testimony of trial prosecutor Andrea Foulkes, who is confronted with notes in her own handwriting about aspects of the case she previously indicated she had no knowledge about, including the victim's sexual relationships with young boys. Williams' co-defendant Marc Draper's testimony about the suppressed motive for the murder begins in the afternoon of September 20th and continues through September 24th.