Phen24 Review: Is It Safe And Effective By Consumer Reports ?

What is Phen24?

Phen 24 is a dietary supplement featuring an innovative 2-in-1 formula, day and night-time, to help achieve your weight loss goal. This supplement ensures that the fat burning process is taking place 24/7, to ensure maximum effectiveness. The supplement is intended to be included in your diet routine and support your physical fitness program.

Its two-in-one formula includes two parts. Day formula to help boost the body metabolism and allows you to burn more calories for energy during the day. And, the night formula to help eliminate the hunger pangs, ensure better night sleep and increase body metabolism for impressive weight loss results.

Who is the Manufacturer?

This dietary supplement is formulated and distributed by a manufacturing company called Wolfson Berg Limited. The manufacturer seems to be focused on helping people improve their overall health and wellbeing, with a supplement to provide you with much-needed energy to lead an active and energetic lifestyle.

The Claims and Rationale Behind Phen24?

The manufacturer has designed a supplement to help users lose those chubby body fat called Phen24. They claim this supplement features a different and effective working process that works not only during the day but also night time. The company further argues that the supplement combats the underlying causes of extra chubby fats.

The product is said to stop the late night snack eating due to craving hunger, which leads to more fat production. More so, the stress hormone, cortisol, has been linked to weight gain. The product is believed to be responsible for increasing and reducing the hunger hormone, ghrelin, levels in the body. The increment activates an area of the brain known to control hunger, so you don’t always feel like you have to eat every time.

Also, it improves your sleep quality, so it doesn’t disrupt the good efforts invested in losing weight during the day. Phen24 is purported to help in the proper metabolism of carbohydrates, which leads to less insulin production and reduced chances of your body storing more fat.

How Does Phen24 Work?

As mentioned earlier, this weight loss supplement is intended to be included to exercise and diet routine – with its state-of-the-art formulation to ensure the effectiveness of your weight loss process and boost the body metabolic rate to burn more calories.

The manufacturer has the tailored the product efficacy to the included ingredients. The weight loss supplement contains ingredients like iodine and cayenne powder, which improves the thyroid function in our body resulting in thermogenesis. Also, with the combination of guarana extract and caffeine, helps make sure you have enough energy to achieve your daily goals.

Equally, it features glucomannan in its proprietary formula to suppress your appetite to consume more late night snacks, while promoting improved sleep quality for better recovery from recent dietary routine. Besides, it contains several other minerals, vitamins, plant extracts to help break down carbs and fats.

Phen24 Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

The synergistic combination of the included ingredients appears to be the rationale behind the product effectiveness for losing weight.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the ingredient making up the product’s potent formulation, which helps us understand whether or not Phen 24 will be able to deliver the promised results:

Day-time Formula

Caffeine – this ingredient is known to increase energy levels, brain activity, and metabolic rate. Also, it is believed to improve your physical performance as it acts as a stimulant. Caffeine has become a favorite ingredient in many weight loss supplement because it helps stimulate your body process of burning that excess fat and curb your hunger pangs.

Guarana Extract – this is a plant-based ingredient believed to increase your energy levels while supporting caffeine in burning those excess fats. It is an essential component in helping sustain your physical energy during strength training or cardio exercises.

Cayenne Powder – this substance includes capsaicin, which is a chemical compound capable of producing thermogenic effects. Fundamentally, it supports the increase in your body’s temperature, which is responsible for burning fat more efficiently. Also, cayenne powder plays a vital role in maintaining your overall digestive system health, while ensuring your blood pressure is stabilized.

Phenylalanine – is an amino acid known to play an essential role in the synthesis of protein for muscle growth and development. The more muscle the body can produce, the more fat is burned and converted. This amino acid contributes to the cholecystokinin production, a hormone found in our small intestine to help suppress appetite.

Iodine – this mineral helps contribute to normal functioning of the thyroid gland to help more thermogenic effects for visible weight loss results.

Night Formula

Glucomannan – extracted from a plant root called konjac. It helps support the intestine ability to absorb more water, which relieves you from constipation and lessens your appetite. This substance provides you with a full and satisfied feeling despite the little consumed at dinner. It helps avoid waking up to eat late night carbs and helps reduce levels of cholesterol in your body.

Chromium picolinate – a vital component playing a crucial in the protein, carbohydrate, and fat conversion into useful forms of energy. This energy helps you get through tough fitness trainings. Also, Chromium picolinate reduces the sugar levels in the blood, curb hunger pangs and build muscles, which all ensure you achieve your weight loss aim. Besides, it is often present in many sports drinks because of its ability to boost performance.

Biotin – also called vitamin H, and it is responsible for promoting metabolic rate and gene functions. Precisely, it fosters the breakdown of fats and carbohydrate, and also, reducing the storage of calories effectively and efficiently. Since it breaks down fat and carbs, it helps inhibit fat storage.

Green tea extract – this herbal extract is a rich source of antioxidant that protects your cell from free damaging radical damage. Green tea extract is equally helpful when trying to slim down since it fosters the fat burning process.

Hops extract – another extract known for its relaxing effect. The extract has a long history in traditional medicine for treating sleep disorder. Thus, it is included to help ensure you sleep better and achieve optimal weight loss result.

Choline bitartrate – this component is a favorite weight loss supplements, as it helps suppress hunger pangs. Also, it is believed to help improve the overall health of your gallbladder, liver, and kidneys.

Molybdenum – this substance supports the healthy functioning muscular and digestive systems, which is vital in the accomplishing weight loss. A healthy digestive system means the food consumed will be processed appropriately into necessary nutrients. Also, with the normal functioning of the body muscle-building process, you stand a better chanced to burn fat and achieve more muscle instead of fat.

Pantothenic acid – also known as Vitamin B5 that helps decrease the levels of stress and improve your immunity. With this vitamin, you have better immunity response that helps ward off infection and combat environmental stress effects on your body.

Thiamine – this component is known as vitamin B1 and helps convert the consumed food into glucose, which serves as a source of energy. Also, it helps with the metabolism of protein and fats, which improves the absorption of nutrients.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride – this ingredient also called vitamin B6 is a vital ingredient in many enzymes reactions. It aids the stabilization of your body glucose level while ensuring your hunger pangs are curbed throughout the day.

What are the Advantages of Phen24?

  • It is designed to support your regular diet and exercise for evidently weight loss results.
  • Phen 24 features a 2-in-1 formula, which may help achieve the promised results.
  • The supplement helps boost body metabolism and thermogenesis.
  • Phen 24 may help in the breaking down of carbohydrates, and burning of fats and calories.
  • It might help handle your cravings for late night carbs.
  • The weight loss supplement could help you have a better night sleep for better and prompt recovery.
  • The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

What are the Disadvantages of Phen24?

  • The product contains lots of caffeine known to be sensitive to some customers.
  • The manufacturer does not offer a free trial box of Phen 24 for customers who may want to take a chance with the weight loss supplement.
  • The product is only available on the manufacturer’s website, which means you cannot purchase this weight loss supplement
  • Phen 24 seems to be one the higher price side
  • The result may differ depending on body chemistry

Frequent Asked Questions About Phen 24

Are there any money-saving offers?

Yes, you can save some bucks when you buy directly from the manufacturer. On the manufacturer’s website, there are deals allowing customers to purchase two (2) boxes of Phen 24 and get one (1) more box of Phen 24 for free, or buy three (3) boxes of Phen 24 and enjoy two (2) more bottles of the weight supplement with a sample of Advana Tone.

How Much Should I Buy for The Best Result?

According to the manufacturer, after putting into consideration that it often takes people an average of 66 days to break free from a bad habit, it is then advised that you should purchase a two-month supply of the weight loss supplement, Phen 24.

For customers who buy a two-month supply of Phen 24, they get a free box of Phen 24 for free. While for those looking to manage their weight for a longer time, the manufacturer advice that you consider purchasing a three months’ supply of Phen 24 and get two for free.

What is the Return policies of Phen 24?

The manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for customers willing to request for a full refund if they are not pleased with the results experienced after using the supplement. To get your full refund return the unused products with its original packaging to the manufacturer within 60 days from the day of receipt.

Basic Features of Phen24

A single box of Phen 24 comes with two bottles – one day-time and one night-time formula.

The day-time Phen 24 bottle contains 30 capsules, and the night-time bottles have 60 tablets. This serving should be enough to last for a month.

Any Possible Side Effects

Although there is yet to be any documented side reaction of the weight loss supplement by its customers, pregnant or nursing mother, as well as children under 18 should stay away from the supplement. Also, Phen24 isn’t designed to be used by people with the following disorders – kidney or liver disease; breast, testicular or prostate cancer; diabetes, autoimmune and endocrine.


According to the manufacturer, it is directed to use one capsule of Phen24 every morning along with breakfast. In the evening, take two pills of Phen24 Night with at least one full glass of water before 15 minutes before eating dinner.

Phen24 Review – Final Verdict

All-in-all, Phen 24 is formulated to help users dealing with excess body fat and be the solution for people looking to lose some pounds with a reliable product. The manufacturer has designed the product to tag along with any dietary plan or physical fitness program, without sabotaging their benefits. The manufacturer of its innovation double formulation to ensure 24/7 weight loss process for better results.

Incredibly, the manufacturer has taken its time to explain the working process and provide a list of all included ingredient on its official website, with proper reference to clinical studies. It portrays the manufacture’s high level of confidence in its product efficacy.

What’s more? The product may help boost your body metabolism and reduce your appetite to ensure users get faster results with less hassle or stress. Phen 24 include active ingredients to help improve the overall sleep quality and speed up your recovery from new changes made in your lifestyle.

However, the weight loss supplement is partly marred with some cons. Phen 24 includes caffeine in its proprietary blend which some users may find very sensitive. Further, it contains some ingredients known to help achieve weight loss result in minute dosage. Also, the product is only on the manufacturer’s website that means you can get the product in your local retail stores.

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